Complete production line for starch manufacturing

Complete production line for starch manufacturing
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Complete production line for starch manufacturing

Starch is kind of white powder that could be extracted from cassava, potato and sweet potato. It is widely used in food and non-food industry. Machines used in starch manufacturing directly influence the quality of final starch.
Flow Chart of starch manufacturing
starch manufacturing machine
Starch manufacturing chart flow
Starch manufacturing procedures are mainly divided into three parts:
(1) Pretreatment of raw materials (also refers to the cleaning process of starch manufacturing): The raw materials are firstly transported to the dry sieve through the belt conveyor. Dirt, gravel, weeds and other impurities are removed along with the inner spiral belt rotating in the Dry Sieve; The raw materials are then transported to the Paddle Washer or Rotary Washer for second cleaning and washing. 
starch manufacturing machine\

Starch manufacturing machine

(2) Processing section of starch manufacturing: The cleaned raw material firstly enters the Cutting Machine. It is cut into small pieces and then enters Rasper, which reduce the load of Rasper as well as equipment damage. Starch slurry coming out from Rasper enters Centrifugal Sieve to separate fiber and other impurities and then go through Fine Sieve to remove finer fiber residue that cannot eliminate in centrifugal sieve. Disc Separator and Hydrocyclone are following to remove impurities (such as protein, fat etc) and do starch concentration and purification. At last, concentrated starch slurry goes in vacuum dehydration and come out damp starch with moisture content of 38-40%.
starch manufacturing machine
Starch extraction machine
(3) Drying process of starch manufacturing: The starch from the vacuum dehydrator is further conveyed to the drying system for drying, resulting in about 13% moisture content of the finished product. Final starch products would be packaged by Automatic Packing Machine for easy storage.
starch manufacturing machine
Drying process of starch manufacturing

starch manufacturing line

Starch manufacturing line

This starch manufacturing line also can be used in potato starch processing, sweet potato starch production, and other starch processing. The capacity of starch manufacturing plant Henan Doing Company provide is from 5 T/H to 50 T/H. Of course, we can design and produce the starch manufacturing machine according to clients demand.

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