Mechanical peeling of cassava process

Cassava is widely cultivated in many parts of the world. The commercial value of cassava after processing is high, but the mechanical processing of cassava is still not high, and the production efficiency is low.

In the field of cassava processing, cassava roots are usually peeled and then processed. Compared with manual peeling, mechanical peeling of cassava can peel the cassava in batches, improve the speed of cassava processing, and save labor input. Mechanical peeling of cassava is very essencial for the large capacity cassava processing plan.

Doing's modern type cassava peeler uses gravity to transfer and peel, making the machine structure simpler. The brush roller is used as the main working part made by stainless steel, and the reduction gear box is used to reduce the rotation speed and achieve the requirement of peeling. Among them, the stainless steel brush roller as the main working part also undertakes the transportation task, and combines the functions of peeling and conveying materials to simplify the overall structure of DOING cassava peeling machine.

Mechanical peeling of cassava working process:

When the raw material is put into the cassava peeling machine, the brush roller rotates and scrubs the raw material and continuously flips it. At the same time, the drain pipe is continuously sprayed, and the dirt washed from the cassava is washed away until it is washed, and then the discharge is opened, the door can be used to drain the cassava.

Transmission principle: The machine transmission system adopts various transmission forms such as belt and sprocket.

Mechanical peeling of cassava processing details:

1. The machine is made of high-quality steel and meets the standards of the food industry to ensure high quality of cassava products.

2. With the brush and spray technology, the cassava can be fully cleaned.

3. The machine is compact and highly automated, and is suitable for use in factories of various cassava processing scales.

4. Mechanized peeling equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and has high work efficiency. It is an ideal cassava peeling and cleaning equipment.

5. The middle part of the peeling machine is provided with a protective cover for preventing water from being sprayed into the bearing housing, ensuring that the machine is not easily damaged and durable.

6. Mechanized peeling of cassava has high automation degree, easy to operate, one person can operate alone, saving time and effort.

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