DOING cassava chipper machine sales to Philippines

Apr 13, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online

In March 2019, the cassava chipper machine purchased by the Philippine customer from Doing Company was successfully sent from Qingdao Port to the customer factory. Here is the cassava chipper machine shipping photo:

cassava chipper machine philippines

The Philippine customer has his own cassava plantation and decided to open a small cassava processing plant in order to increase revenue. Cassava can be processed with cassava starch, cassava flour, garri, cassava chips, etc. The investment in cassava chips is the lowest, and the simple investment can be carried out only with a cassava chipper machine. It is also possible to add a cleaning machine, a peeling machine and a cassava chips dryer to form a production line. The customer decided to purchase two cassava chipper machine first, and purchased other equipment in the furture to form a production line.

cassava chipper machine philippinesDOING cassava chips machine

This customer came to our factory in January to visit the cassava chipper machine, when we happened had the prototype of the equipment. After the customer saw the equipment, he was very satisfied and signed contract with us on the same day. Only after one week, the  Philippine customer paid the deposit. Then after a month of manufacturing, the cassava chipper machine was successfully sent to the Philippines.

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