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Cassava flour processing line

cassava flour processing machine

Cassava flour processing machine

Cassava is a sub-shrubs, perennials. Tuberous roots were cylindrical, of different varieties, tuber number and thickness differences. It is staple foor for African countries and it is very important for them. The cassava root contains a high amount of starch containing proteins, fats and ash is rarely accounted for 25% to 32%, the starch content of fresh cassava tuber.  Cassava flour processing machine is to process raw cassava roots/tubers into food-grade flour.
Cassava flour processing line using the wet process of powder production, do not add any additives, the entire process is mature technology, advanced equipment, scientific, rational process. Flour production process is the material lifting - cleaning and peeling - the broken solution → screening and filtering → concentrated refined - dehydration → drying - packing.  Seven main Section design. Especially for crushing section, National Pantent Crusher is used to broken solution and screening Section, smash through the multi-level, multi-level filtering, multi-stage extrusion followed by a unique process cycle, with low energy consumption starch extraction rate, starch and good quality, improve production line efficiency and starch extraction rate .
It's usually no more than three days from cassava harvesting to cassava flour processing. During this period sugar conversion rate is low, starch quality and starch yields are higher.
I. Whole processes of cassava flour processing machine
Washing & Peeling Section: To remove the stone, sand or soil from the fresh cassava root, and peel it. (The peel of cassava is  poisonous.)
Crushing Section: To make the starch out from the cassava. With advaned technology, our machine can make the 98% starch out from the cassava.
Filtering Section: To remove the sand and residues and milk from the wet starch.
Concentrating & Refining Section: To refine, concentrate and whiten the starch, and remove the yellow from the starch milk.
Dehydration Section: To remove the water in the starch milk. After dewatering, the water content of wet starch will be 40%.
Drying Section: To make the wet starch with 40% water be 13% water dry starch.
Screening Section: To make sure all the starch are in uniform fineness.
Packing Section: To pack the dry starch in bags of 5-5000g/bag or 5-50kg/bag.


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