Cassava chips production in Nigeria




Jun 21, 2019

Cassava chips production in Nigeria

It is common to see cassava chips production in Nigeria. And in Nigeria, most of cassava will be processed into cassava flour and animal feed. The feed ingredients are imported and a large proportion of foreign exchange is spent for this purpose.

For another, because the fresh cassava can't storage long time, so people in Nigeria process cassava into cassava chips firstly to keep it longer, then the cassava chips can used for cassava starch or cassava flour production. Except the animal feed, cassava chips production in Nigeria also helped for improve the cassava using rate, avoid the waste of cassava due to lignification.

cassava chips production machineDOING cassava chips production machine The following part of the paper is to explain cassava chips production in Nigeria:

Step 1: Cassava harvesting

Harvest matured cassava from the farm and load it to the processing shed immediately. If the quantity of cassava harvested can not be carried in the same day , then do not detach the cassava from the stem and leaf until the vehicle to carry it is ready. That is to say, fermentation will not occur if the cassava is still attached to the leaf and stem even if it has been uprooted. But care must be taken not to bruise the cassava when uprooting it.

Step 2: Cassava washing and peeling cassava

The washing and peeling step of cassava chips production in Nigeria is very important, it aims to remove toxins of the cassava skin.

Our cassava peeler could handling large capacity of cassava and well cleaning. This cassava peeler machine is with stable operation and easy maintenance etc. 1. peeling 2. washing 3. do not hurt the material 4. material to the next stage automatically.

cassava chips production in NigeriaCassava chipping machine

Step 3: Cassava chipping

The next unit operation is chipping. It is key step in cassava chips production in Nigeria. As is common in household processing this is done by hand or by a simple machine which consists of a driven disc with radial chipping slots fitted with cutting blades. The type consists of a heavy rotating circular steel plate about 12 mm thick and 1m in diameter to which six blades are attached. The blade consists of a 1-1.5 mm steel plate that is corrugated at the cutting edge. The chipping wheels are usually mounted in wooden frames incorporating feed hoppers and driven by petrol, diesel, kerosine or electric motors.

Step 4: Cassava chips drying

Drying methods can be classified according to the technological level and cost. Natural drying, one of the methods, is done on cement floors which are sometimes painted black for better absorption of radiant energy or on trays for artificial drying. In artificial heat dryers, all these parameters can be optimized to minimize the drying time and guarantee a high quality product.

This is the cassava chips production in Nigeria. The cassava chips machine made by Doing Company will contribute to the whole production process, and improve the efficiency.

cassava chips production in NigeriaDOING cassava chips machine

Cassava chips production in Nigeria for animal feed are in the form of cassava chips, pellets and feed grade single cell protein. The cassava plant, made up of the roots, leaves and stem, is a good source of carbohydrate and protein. The different parts of the plant can be used as animal feed. The cassava roots can be chipped or pelletized and used as feed, while the root peel, broken roots, fiber from cassava starch processing and garri processing can be dried and used directly as animal feed or as substrate for single cell protein production. Processing cassava into cassava chips for animal feed is increasing in importance in the Nigeria.Therefore it is wise to engage in cassava chips production in Nigeria at present.

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