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Cassava starch production line

As we all know, for the starch business the most concerned how to extract starch from cassava tubers, potatoes, sweet potatoes in high starch extraction rate. Cassava is a surface rough plants. The vast majority of dry cassava starch, fresh cassava tubers starch containing about 25% -30%, in the dry matter contains about 80%. Our task is to extract the starch refinery we need from starch tubers.

cassava starch production machinery

Cassava starch processing machine and the chart flow

There are about six steps during starch production line:

1.  Cassava peeling and washing section for cassava starch production line:The purpose of this unit is to get rid of sandstone, clay of cassava, and to deposit cleaned cassava in the cassava temporary hopper.

2.  Crushing section during the cassava starch production line: The crushing unit is the most important step for extracting cassava starch. Highly-efficient crushing machine will release the starch in cassava at most.

cassava starch production machine

Cassava rasper in cassava starch production line

3.  Centrifugal extracting section during the cassava starch production line:The cassava starch slurry and residue  will be separated from the starch milk.

4.  Desanding section during the cassava starch production line: Removing the sand in the starch slurry.

cassava starch production machine

Hydrocyclone machine in cassava starch plant

5.  Concentration and refining section during the cassava starch production line:Working through the hydroclone, there are 2 steps, including concentration and refining so that we can get purier starch slurry.

cassava starch processing machine

Vacuum dewatering machine for making cassava starch

6.  Vacuum dewatering section during the cassava starch production line: The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum dewatering machine. Then the vacuum rotary drum will adsorb the starch on the drum surface and the filtrate is transferred out of the system by filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by peeler and then transferred to the air dryer by screw conveyor.

cassava starch processing machinery

Cassava starch dryer machine

7.  Air-stream drying section during the cassava starch production line: After dewatering process, the air dryer will dry the starch to the required moisture of the commercial starch.

Above all steps are the whole line for cassava starch production.We can provide you the complete cassava starch production machine and we have exported many sets cassava starch processing machine to Nigeria and other Africa countries.

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