Cassava starch processing factory installed in Medan, Indonesia





Cassava starch processing factory installed in Medan, Indonesia

In 2011, the Agricultural and Fishery Cooperative of Medan, Indonesia selected the partner of cassava starch production plant through open bidding, and invited powerful starch machinery manufacturers from all over the world to participate in the bidding. Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., a well-known manufacturing enterprise of starch processing equipment in China, received an invitation from Medan to participate in the project.

cassava starch processing factoryCassava strarch processing machines packing and loading

Henan Doing has decades of professional manufacturing experience of cassava starch processing equipment. We have many kinds of starch processing machine with high-quality. After months of hard work, Doing Company have designed a complete equipment infrastructure map, production workshop layout diagram including starch production line details and other professional technical data. Since we are professional in cassava starch processing machines manufacture and installation, so we finally got the chance to provide the cassava starch processing machines for them.

In 2013, The owner of the cassava starch processing factory visited our factory twice in succession. In 2014, July, after the detailed communication between the two parties to determine the delivery time, method, after-sales security and other details, the contract was signed in Doing Company office, they bought 12t/h complete set of cassava starch processing machines.

cassava starch processing machinesCassava starch processing machines manufacture and installation

On October 1, 2014, before the delivery time stipulated in the contract, DOING factory workshop workers worked overtime, guaranteed quality and quantity, completed the machines production task of the cassava starch processing factory, packed and loaded the whole car to Qingdao International Port, and sent it to Qingdao International Port in accordance with the requirements of the contract. Complete shipment by land and sea transport, this trip first arrived at the port of Medan, then the engineer from Doing Company will guide them to install, also guarantee the machines can work smoothly.

Doing equipment has been successfully put into production at Medan plant. The following is the pictures of the cassava starch processing machines being put into operation from Medan.

tapioca starch production factory

Doing`s after-sales staff maintain harmonious communication with the partners in Medan, so that we can got their requirements soonly. Doing Company have good and satisfying after-sale service. Cassava is a good raw material used for starch extraction, cassava deep processing in the local has formed a certain scale, has a good market prospects.

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