Cassava flour production line from China sale to Nigeria





Cassava flour production line from China sale to Nigeria

A buyer from Nigeria first contacted Doing Company in May 2013. In September of that year, Mr. Vaughan and his party came to DOING to visit and inspect the processing process, energy consumption and equipment quality of the cassava flour production line.

Mr. Vaughan said that they request to produce high-quality cassava flour, large processing capacity, and need to taking into account the local hydropower resources, the cassava flour production line requests energy saving, water and electricity saving, reducing resource loss and quality.

cassava flour making machine from Chine

Loading process of cassava flour production equipment

As a manufacturer of cassava processing machinery that keeps pace with the times, Doing Machinery has always upgraded the products and upgraded our service to create value for users.

DOING cassava flour production line with stable equipment performance. After numerous tests, improvements and upgrades, we have designed a complete line of equipment with perfect performance. The cassava flour production line has high automation degree and convenient operation; low energy consumption and water consumption, low production cost; stable production quality, convenient and flexible installation; customized according to needs, targeted; less basic investment and higher cost performance. In line with the basic equipment investment demand program of Nigerian customers, on December 24, 2013, Doing Company with the Nigeria customer signed a contract and reached a cooperation of cassava flour production line.

cassava flour production line

Cassava flour production line installation

After the production and manufacturer work of the workers of DOING, we successfully prepared all the equipment of the cassava flour production line on time before March 15, 2014. After packing, first arrived at Qingdao Port, then arrived in Nigeria by sea to Lagos Port.

After the cassava flour production line equipment arrived in Nigeria, the technical person of the Doing company's installation team instructed the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the cassava flour production line.

cassava flour production line

DOING complete cassava flour production line

Now, the processing of cassava flour has become an agricultural development mode supported by the Nigeria government. Cassava flour production process: washing, grinding, sand removal, dehydration, drying, sieving, etc. of fresh cassava. In general, it is all dry matter other than cassava peeling: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are all retained. Using cassava flour as raw material, it can be made into a whole nutritious, multi-variety and multi-flavored convenience food, which can partially replace wheat flour, which is a good choice for cassava processing to get high economic benefit.

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