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Automatic potato starch production line

Potato extraction process is the most important process during potato starch production line. The starch grains contained in the potato cells are extracted by crushing the tubers, which releases them from the destroyed cells. The resulted starch is then washed out, dried to powder, and ready to use in either food or various technical applications.

potato starch production line

Model of potato starch production line

Here is the introduction of potato starch production line:

step 1- sorting and weighing section : The roots are sorted to select wholesome roots for processing.The sorted roots are weighed.

potato starch production machine

Potato cleaning and washing section

step 2- Potato peeling and cleaning section during the potato starch production line : Using the potato peeling section to remove the cassava skin.

step 3- Potato crushing section in potato starch production line:The peeled potato are grated to produce a smooth mash.

potato processing machine

Rasper machine for ginding the potato into powder

step 4- Potato starch extraction section in potato starch production line: The mash is discharged into a starch extractor to extract the starch

step 5- Sedimentation in potato starch production line: The starch milk is allowed to settle forming two layers i.e. the top free supernatant liquid and the thick starch slurry.

potato starch production machinery

Potato starch hydrocyclone machine

step 6- Potato starch dewatering section in potato starch production line: The supernatant layer of liquid is removed by siphoning off the liquid with rubber hose and the thick slurry obtained is dewatered to reduce its moisture content.

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch dewatering machine

step 7- Granulating section : The “cake” is mechanically reduced in size to produce fine granules of greater surface area.The granulated cake is mechanically dried in a mechanical dryer to reduce its moisture content to about 8 – 10 per cent.

potato starch production line

step 8- Potato starch milling section in potato starch production line : The dried product is milled to desired particle size (if necessary).

potato starch drying machine

Starch drying machine installated in Ukraine

Step 9 - Potato starch drying section : The purpose of drying is to get the dry potato, and will be better for next packing section.

step 10-packaging: The starch is packaged appropriately.

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