Why do Africans choose to buy cassava peeling machine in China ?

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Due to the traditional cassava peeling in African is done by manual method, which has the features of inefficient, labor intensive, high waste rate and  time consuming. So mechanical cassava peeling method is favored by Africans. However, the level of mechanization in Africa is not high, and the produced cassava peeling machine not only has low efficiency, high equipment failure rate but also requires high maintenance cost, which clearly cannot meet the industrial production requirements. Therefore, more and more Africans choosing to buy cassava peeling machine in China, but why would they choose cassava peeling machine in China other than other countries ? Let me explain the reasons for you.

cassava peeling machine in ChinaManual cassava peeling & mechanical peeling

First of all, China's cassava peeling machine is high cost-effective. In addition to China, there are many countries produce cassava peeling machine in the world. In terms of craftsmanship, European equipment is more advanced than China, but at the same time the price of European equipment is several times that of China. For many people in African countries, such prices are not affordable. The cassava peeling machine in some countries such as Southeast Asia has more advantages in terms of price, but the technology is not as advanced as China's equipment. Comprehensive consideration, cassava peeling machine in China is advanced in technology, reasonable in price, and most importantly, high in cost-effective, which is the first choice for Africans.

cassava peeling machine in chinaDOING cassava peeling machine

Secondly, cassava peeling machine in China is of good quality and has a high peeling rate. China's cassava peeling machine has a maximum peeling rate of 95%, and can peel most of the toxic outer peels of cassava to meet industrial production needs. In order to prevent the peeled cassava from being contaminated, the brush of cassava peeling machine in China is generally made of stainless steel to ensure product quality. In addition, China's cassava peeling machine has a large processing capacity and can handle 0.5t-5t cassava in one hour, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The cassava peeling machine produced in China has won the trust of African customers because of its high efficiency, simple operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

cassava peeling machine in ChinaStainless steel brush

Then the after-sales service of cassava peeling machine in China is good. Many Chinese equipment manufacturers can provide customers with good after-sales service. For example, as a professional cassava deep processing equipment manufacturer, Doing Company can provide equipment installation, operator training services, and provide one-year after-sales maintenance service for all customers who purchase our equipment. Customers don't have to worry about about there is no professional engineer operating and maintaining equipment after buying cassava peeling machine in China. Our engineers will train operators' equipment operation skill and equipment principles until they have mastered equipment operation and simple maintenance skill.

cassava peeling machine in ChinaSOING cassava peeling machine

The above are the reasons why Africans choose to buy cassava peeling machine in China. The cassava peeling machine is a device for peeling cassava and is very popular in African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania. Because Africa is the largest producer of cassava, and cassava is not resistant to storage, Africans often process cassava into garri, cassava flour, etc. that are more resistant to storage. The cassava peeling machine is the most commonly used equipment for garri and cassava flour production. If you want to buy a cassava peeling in China, please contact DOING.

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