Commonly used cassava peeling machine in Nigeria

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In almost cassava processing factory, peeling process is necessary and important, which directly affect final product quality. Brush peeler is commonly used cassava peeling machine in Nigeria. Under the action of screw and brush rotating, cassava peels can be removed around 90-95%. All food contact part is made of stainless steel, which meet the basic requirement for food processing industry.

cassava peeling machine in nigeriaCassava peeling machine

Long time ago, there was no cassava peeling machine in Nigeria. Local people peel cassava tubers by hand with knife. At first this kind of peeling method met people's basic requirement for food. But with development of agriculture, there is big demand for large scale process. Therefore more and more machines starts to appear to instead of manual work. Most equipment running is successful but peeling is the most difficult one because of different size and shapes of cassava roots.

cassava peeling machine in nigeriaCassava peeling machine

After years of research and experiments, DOING company manufactures one kind of commonly used cassava peeling machine in Nigeria that is mostly used and popular in local states. Our peeling machine is mainly made up of three parts: screw, brush and mainframe. Screw is used to push cassava tubers forward after they are put into the machine. Brush is used to peel cassava roots by using numerous stainless steel needles that are stick on rollers. Screw rotation speed controls how long cassava will stay in the machine. Lower speed of rotation can make peeling more efficient. At the same time cassava is peeled, water pipe will spray to clean and remove peels. The bottom of mainframe is hollow to make cassava peels fall down with spray water. In recent years, this kind of brush peeler is one of most commonly used cassava peeling machine in Nigeria.

cassava peeling machine in nigeriaCassava peeling machine

Cassava peeling machine in Nigeria is mainly used in garri and cassava flour production. The higher peeling efficiency, the higher quality of final products. More experiments show that it can also be used for sweet potato peeling and potato peeling in industrial scale production.

Cassava peeling machine in Nigeria has good market, and it is suitable and affordable for those who starts come in this field for not long time. It can be used for one factory and also good as one commercial product to sell in local market because of its wide application in Africa. If you want to start with cassava processing, then start with small machines. Leave your message and get contact with us for more details.

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