Cassava grinding machine in Nigeria

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Nigeria, as the largest producer of cassava, is lagging behind in cassava processing. Because Nigeria's industry lags behind other developed countries, as well as many Asian countries. Traditional cassava processing in Nigeria is mostly small-scale artificial production, and most people who work in cassava processing are women. This manual cassava processing is time consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to keep the cassava clean. Therefore, mechanized production of cassava is slowly developing, especially the cassava grinding machine in Nigeria. From manual to mechanized processing, labor is greatly saved and the efficiency of cassava processing is improved.

cassava grinding machine in nigeriaCassava grinding machine

There are also small cassava processing plants that use cassava grinding machine in Nigeria, but more than 40% of the machines are discarded. The main reasons may include the adulteration of parts, high operating costs, inadequate experience of mechanics, and untrained machine operators and equipment materials that are not resistant to wear.

With the increasing demand and high demand for the processing of food ingredients, traditional manual production and small-scale production of cassava starch can no longer meet the market demand. Therefore, in Nigeria, cassava is usually consumed locally and the products exported are limited because the sanitary conditions of cassava products cannot meet international standards. However, cassava processing is a trend in Nigeria, so choosing a high-efficiency cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is the key to improving cassava processing.

cassava grinding machine in nigeriaCassava grinding machine in Nigeria

The cassava grinding machine in Nigeria produced by the powerful cassava processing machine manufacturer has very powerful functions and can handle the starch grinding work of most starch. This means that many starch processing companies can complete the processing and production of a wide range of starch products through the cassava grinding machine, which makes the grinding machine especially favored by the starch processing industry. As the government encourages the development of cassava in Nigeria, the development of cassava grinding machine in Nigeria has not kept up with the demand for cassava processing, so more and more Nigerians choose to purchase cassava grinding machine from other countries, especially in China. Because the price of Chinese cassava grinding machine is lower than that of Europe, the technical level can be comparable to European craftsmanship.

cassava grinding machine in nigeriaDOING cassava grinding machine

Henan Doing Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer of cassava processing machinery specializing in starch engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and commissioning and technical personnel training. Our cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is very popular, it has the following characteristics:

1. Compact structure and convenient operation;

2. Sandblasting treatment, beautiful appearance;

3. Installed with automatic overload protection, encountering hard object self-reversal;

4. The blade is sharper, the hardness is higher, the wear resistance is better; the grinding efficiency is higher, up to 95%;

5. Low speed, low noise;

6. Low energy consumption, large output, full PLC control;

7. Low operating cost, easy operation and low maintenance cost.

cassava grinding machine in nigeriaDOING cassava grinding machine in Nigeria factory

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava, and Nigeria produces 34 million tons of cassava 34 million tons worldwide. Therefore, mechanized cassava processing in Nigeria needs to be encouraged to ensure product quality and good hygiene. Cassava grinding machine in Nigeria is a key equipment for cassava processing, it is favored by Nigeria. The choice of high efficiency and high stability of cassava grinding machine directly affects the output of cassava processing.Henan Doing are professional and popular cassava grinding machine manufacturer, we are available at any time.

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