Rice mill processing machinery


Feb 26, 2019

Rice mill processing machinery

Rice mill business is one of the best options to get the maximum out of it. In most of the manufacturing opportunities established, the rice mill processing business is definitely cost intensive and profitable, and the profit that you get from the modern rice mill processing machinery is relative good.

The rice mill processing machinery produced by Henan Doing Machinery is the current most advanced type of rice processing in China. It has the functions of self-feeding, husking, separate bran, gravity screening paddy, rice milling, etc., arranged structure, continuous production. Moreover, there is no residual material in the gravity screen, which can not only process a small amount of processing by farmers, but also can process paddy in large quantities. If add the suction type specific gravity stone removing machine and white rice air handling unit, the performance of rice mill processing machinery will be more perfect.

rice mill processing machineryRice mill processing machinery

Complete rice mill processing machinery working process:

The material/paddy of DOING complete rice mill processing machinery enters the whitening chamber by the flow adjusting mechanism through the feeding hopper, is sent to the sanding roller by the screw head and spirally advances along the surface of the sanding roller, and rotates the sharp sand surface of the sanding roller at a certain line speed. The blade grinds the brown rice cortex, and causes the rice grain and the rice sieve to rub against each other to make it rough and white, and at the same time, by spraying, the powder is forced out of the rice grain and discharged through the sieve hole.

rice milling machineryRice mill processing machinery

The rice mill processing machinery produced by Henan Doing Company has the following characteristics:

1. the ease of operation: simple operation, and can choose to process brown rice, germ rice and fresh rice according to market conditions.

2. the economic: rice bran and rice husk are automatically separated, rice bran can be supplied to the feed mill for processing various feeds, and can also be directly supplied to the farm for livestock feed. Rice husks can be processed into biomass pellets and are new environmentally friendly energy sources in the 21st century.

3. the technical: this rice mill processing machinery uses three rubber wheels, which can process more complete brown rice, germ rice, fresh rice.

rice milling equipmentRice mill processing machinery

Technical parameters of DOING rice mill processing machinery:

Capacity(24h) Power(kw) Size(m) Electricity consumption(per ton)
30 ton 67 15*4.5*5 35kw (t/h)
50 ton 115 15*5*5 38kw(t/h)
80 ton 220 18*5*5 45kw(t/h)

Main components introduction of the rice mill processing machinery:

Vibrating Cleaning machine: Used to remove large particulate impurities in paddy to ensure the quality of the material.

Destoner: Separation of small stones and other impurities larger than grain from rice, can also be used to separate other impurities in grains.

Husker: Extrusion and squeezing of rice to achieve the purpose of shelling, and then using the difference in suspension speed between brown rice and rice husk, separating brown rice from rice husk by suction

rice milling plantRice mill processing machine

Paddy Separator: Using the different proportions of paddy and brown rice, the paddy and brown rice are separated by the action of reciprocating shaking sieve plates. Arranging the grain paddy separator in the rice milling process can greatly improve the whole rice milling rate of the processed rice and improve the economic benefits of processing.

Roller Rice Whitener: High wind speed, high negative pressure rice milling, low powder, high precision, low rice temperature

Rice Grader: According to the grain size of different rice, different density screens are arranged to complete the grading screening of whole whole rice, mixture, small crush and croquet.

Rice polisher: The polished rice has high precision, low rice temperature, less broken rice, and white and transparent surface, which can meet the requirements of different grain type rice polishing process.

Packing machine: Automatic weighing and packing the finished rice.

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