Why is cassava an important food crop for Africa?

cassava flour Cassava is highly adaptable to the African tropical climate and soils, and remains very popular for producing excellent harvests even when other crops fail. It is also the most widely ava

Types of garri in the market

The different types of garri in the market depend on the method of processing, grain size and the location of Africa where it is produced.

Market potential of “Vitamin A Fortified” garri

Yellow Garri The market potential for garri is huge and stable. Why? The reason is because every day, an African or Nigerian somewhere is consuming the garri product. The market value of garri runs int

How does cassava starch thicken ?

Refined starches such as cassava starch, and less-common alternatives including corn starch, are more recent arrivals in the pantry. All thickeners work in much the same way, but there are functional d