Is hand-made tapioca starch better quality than machine-made tapioca starch?

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Tapioca starch processing have two methods, hand-made and machine-made method. Someone wonders that is hand-made tapioca starch better quality than machine-made tapioca starch? Definitely it's not, machine-made tapioca starch is better than hand-made starch.

The quality of tapioca starch is related with ash, whiteness and moisture etc. Let me introduce how tapioca starch processing machine improves the quality of tapioca starch.

tapioca starch processingDry tapioca starch for sale

1. Desander

Why machine-made tapioca starch is better than hand-made starch? Machine-made is continuously and less time touch with air, ash degree is lower. Whats’ more, after sieving fibers, desander can remove some fine impurities to ensure final starch ash.


After grating and sieving fibers, there will be separate tapioca starch proteins by hydrocyclones. Henan Jiurui Food Company as a cassava processing machine supplier with over 10 years experience. Our engineers designed 10-18 stages hydrocyclones to separate tapioca starch proteins and refining starch slurry, which is related with final starch whiteness.

cassava starch refining machineThe working process of hydrocyclone station

3.Flash dryer

Tapioca starch moisture will influence final starch usage. Normally hand-made starch moisture is about 18-20% even higher than this. Machine-made starch moisture can be 12%-14% to meet requirements by flash dryer. Flash dryer adopts negative pressure design to ensure no leaking phenomenon, pulse tubes design can lengthen starch drying time to ensure final drying effect. Flash dryer gets many clients prise in cassava processing.

tapioca starch processing machineComplete set of tapioca starch processing line

In addition, mechanized starch processing adopts fresh cassava tubers, from cleaning to final package continuous processing to reduce starch milk exposure to the air, which can get high quality tapioca starch continuously. Moreover machine-made tapioca starch processing uses less manpower involved and automatic control systems to control machine working. It meets the requirements of food safety standards.

Except these above machines, there also have other relatives in tapioca starch processing. If you want to get high quality tapioca starch, why not contact us to look for stable machines? Henan Jinrui Food Company can do tapioca starch plant from 2tons fresh cassava tubers input per hour to 40tons input per hour. If you have such idea, please feel free send messages to us.

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