How should one start cassava processing plant?

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Cassava is one of main crops in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, which can be processed into various products like garri, cassava flour, cassava fufu flour, cassava starch, bammy, farinha, attieke, etc. In recent years, especially in Africa, government began to strongly support agricultural processing industry, among which cassava processing plant is attached great importance.

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In Africa, cassava is planted almost everywhere and people can harvest matured cassava roots all around the year in most areas. With well organized, it is not hard to ensure stable and adequate cassava supply, which is the first key point for one to start cassava processing plant. You can buy or rent land for cassava plantation or talk to local farmers and sign agreement that ensure raw materials supply, etc.

Now that raw cassava supply is not a problem, the second point for start a cassava processing plant is sales market of cassava products. As we know that, food is the most essential and important thing in daily life. Especially during covid-19, demand for cassava products has been greatly increased. Cassava garri is one of edible food in west Africa. Cassava flour can be used to make bread, biscuit, beer, etc. Cassava starch has wider application in food and non-food production field. Therefore, there is huge market for cassava products. What you need to do is to find specific buyers.

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With abundant raw materials and a huge market for cassava finished products, the next thing one needs to consider is equipment for cassava processing plant. Henan Jinrui company manufactures and supplies complete machines for cassava products like garri, cassava flour, cassava starch and sweet potato starch as well as potato starch. Machines with different configuration and capacities are available in Henan Jinrui. Based on your condition, Henan Jinrui company’s project manager can help you make a project plan.

After communication with Henan Jinrui company’s project manager, you can have an idea of investment budget for a cassava processing plant, land size to build up factory, water and power consumption, quantity of operators that needed etc, based on which you can finish feasibility study and prepare land and fund for start a cassava processing plant.

If you want to invest one cassava processing plant, feel free to contact Henan Jinrui company any time.

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