What equipment is included in the small cassava flour processing line suitable for beginners?

There are many business beginners who felt that it was too expensive to afford and who want to invest cassava flour processing line. In fact, it is not as expensive as you think!

The price of the cassava flour processing line can be flexibly adjusted according to demand, use, output, and configuration. So it can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or millions. It can provide you with several different equipment selection schemes. This article will introduce you to the small cassava flour processing line which is suitable for beginners.

What equipment does the small cassava flour production line include?

small scale cassava flour processing machine production lineSmall cassava flour processing equipment

1. Cassava peeler: The small cassava flour processing line is equipped with a sand roller design cassava peeler. It can remove the two layers of cassava and the processing capacity is large.

2. Grater: It can continuously crush cassava to a pulp. It is usually working in garri and small cassava flour processing machines.

3. Hydraulic press: This machine can squeeze out the moisture in the cassava pulp through hydraulic action, which is convenient for subsequent drying. Of course, it can also be used in the garri line.

4. Flash dryer: This machine adopts the negative pressure principle and pulse tube design, which can quickly dry cassava flour in a few seconds, and heat evenly. And it is also often used in the drying of tapioca starch, potato starch, and other powdery products.

5. Fine mill machine: After the starch dries, there may be some small lumps. This machine can grind the starch lumps for later sieving.

6. Vibration sieve: The vibrating screen can vibrate continuously to effectively separate the large and small cassava flour granules to meet the market need.

In order to save the budget, this set of machines only includes the processing and drying parts. But it includes the more complicated and cumbersome steps in the cassava flour processing process. And a lot of working time is saved, and the production cycle is shortened.

This small cassava flour processing line can achieve a daily output of 2-3 tons, suitable for small and medium users. A complete set of cassava flour processing plants covers an area of about 50-100 square meters. It is easy to install, place, and maintain. If you need a large fully automatic production line, you can click: Cassava flour production line

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