Production technology and advantages of automatic cassava starch processing plant

Automatic cassava starch processing process:

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine

Production technology and advantage of automatic cassava starch processing plant:

1. Adopts wet production technology, fully automatic and high efficiency

The cassava starch processing plant adopts wet production technology, and the process from raw material cleaning to final finished product production is fully automated.

Moreover, the cassava starch processing plant adopts a PLC control system, and only 5-7 people are required to operate the machine to complete the production. The whole production process has high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and saves time and effort.

2. Customize the production capacity, high starch extraction rate

The fully automatic cassava starch processing plant can customize the production capacity for you, and the output is 2t-200t per day. At the same time, according to different equipment configurations, cassava starch processing plants can also be used to process potato starch and sweet potato starch. The starch extraction rate is as high as 94%. The quality of the starch has reached the international standard and can be eaten directly.

If you want to see the real running video of the cassava starch processing plant, you can click the video below.

3. Clean and hygienic, starch stable quality

Modern cassava starch processing plants generally have their workshops, and most of the production process is closed, which is not affected by the weather and is clean and hygienic. And the cassava starch processing machine adopts 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and deforms, and ensures that the starch is not polluted. In addition, during the dehydration and drying process of starch, impurities will be continuously removed to ensure uniform starch granules and stable quality.

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