Cassava flour production line



Cassava flour production line

Cassava flour production line can process fresh cassava tubers into edible cassava flour. DOING company adopts latest wet processing technology that can ensure high quality of finished cassava flour and high automation of the whole production line.

Our cassava flour production line mainly consists of three sections: raw material cleaning, cassava tubers crushing, flour dewatering and drying. All material contact parts are made of stainless steel, which ensures cleanness and hygiene of finished flour. Besides, control system would be furnished for operating to achieve high automation of machines.

cassava flour production lineCassava flour production line

Cleaning section of cassava flour production line

This is the first part for cassava flour production, which is also called pre-treatment of raw material. Dry sieve and paddle washing machine are main equipment used in cleaning section of cassava flour production line. Raw cassava tubers from first belt conveyor enter into to dry sieve for dry cleaning. Solid debris like sand, metals would be removed and fall down to the ground. Because of its dirty working environment, it's normally installed outside workshop. Next is to use water to wash cassava tubers thoroughly and the machine we apply is paddle washing machine. Countercurrent washing principle is adopted to achieve best cleaning of material. At the same time, most outer skins are removed.

cassava flour production lineCleaning section of cassava flour production line

Crushing section of cassava flour production line

After cassava tubers are washed, belt conveyor will transfer materials to next crushing part. In the process rasper is used to crush cassava into fine cassava mash. Compared to other hammer mill and grater machines, rasper can make finer flour because of its higher line speed. So rasper is the key equipment that will influence quality of finished flour. After crushing process, cassava mash will add certain water so that it can be pumped into de-sander machine to eliminate sand debris.

cassava flour production lineCassava flour rasper

Dewatering and drying section of cassava flour production line

After cleaning section and crushing section, we will get cassava slurry. Then cassava slurry will be pumped into filter press machine for dehydration. Filter press machine is furnished with filter cloth, by the action of pressure and squeeze, materials are separated with squeezed water and then fall down to the collection tank. After dewatering, flour moisture content is about 40%.

cassava flour production lineCassava flour dehydrator filter press

The drying machine that used in cassava flour production line is flash dryer. It can dry cassava flour in very short time. The position of fan decides drying system will be running in negative pressure, which reduces flour loss in exhaust pipe. To achieve fewer moisture content of flour, two stage drying system can be installed.

cassava flour production lineCassava flour flash dryer

Finally, LCB, MCC, OCC and PLC control system will be installed to make the whole plant highly automatic. The advantages of MCC and OCC is that they can monitor the whole running process of casssava flour production line and control the start and end of the production process.

cassava flour production lineElectricity control cabinet MCC

Our company are professional manufacturer and supplier of cassava flour production line. Our overseas warehouse is underbuilding in Nigeria, where you can select machine in person in the next few month. If you are interested in cassava flour production and want to set up factory, feel free to contact us to get complete proposal.

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