How lucrative is cassava processing business in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a large cassava-growing country, so cassava is one of the most common foods eaten by the local people. Cassava can be processed into various products such as garri, cassava flour, fufu powder, cassava starch, cassava chips, etc., which are widely used. Therefore, to develop cassava processing business in Nigeria, the market prospect is very good. More and more people are looking for a reliable cassava processing machine manufacturer, as a professional cassava deep processing manufacturer in China, Henan Doing analyzes how profitable it is to start a cassava processing business in Nigeria based on real feedback from our customers and decades of market research.

cassava processing businessDifferent cassava processing business in Nigeria

Take 1 ton per hour cassava starch processing for example:

4 tons of cassava produce 1 ton of cassava starch
Price of 1 ton of cassava USD75

Power consumption


Water consumption

8 tons

10 people

Price of 1 ton of cassava starch USD900
Net profit USD300 per ton of starch

Generally speaking, different production lines are required to produce different cassava products. According to the investment cost from low to high, the order is cassava chip processing, garri processing, cassava flour processing, and cassava starch processing. If you want to start one or more of the cassava processing business, you can contact us (Henan Doing Company) to get a free quotation and detailed consultation of the machine.

cassava starch production lineProcessing steps of cassava starch

In addition, Nigeria, as a big consumer of cassava, will have a place here no matter what kind of cassava processing business it is. The difference is that the market consumption of different cassava products is different, and the profits earned from this will also be uneven. If you have enough budget, starting cassava flour and cassava starch processing business is the most profitable as both can be used in a wider range of fields than garri such as alcohol, food, juice, etc. More cassava product profit analysis can be obtained free by contacting us.

Nigeria is the world's largest cassava producer. On average 45.7% of cassava is used in animal feed and food processing. This should be an opportunity to create your own wealth. The demand for cassava in Nigeria is currently on the high side, so entering the cassava processing business may be one of the best gifts for you. If you have any interest in the cassava processing business, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company, which has its own factory and rich business experience in China.

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