Grating machine and costs

Now cassava processing is popular in Africa, and products like garri, cassava flour, cassava starch, and cassava chip are the hot products. And during processing, the grating is the necessary part. And in different product processing, the grating machine is different. Now we will introduce some types of grating machines and their price.

1. Grating machine

garri and small cassava flour processing grating machineGrating machine in garri and small cassava flour processing

In garri and small cassava flour processing, we use small-size grating machines for crushing cassava. This grating machine can process about 1-2 tons of cassava per hour with low power consumption. The price can be as low as $3200. It is one of the most popular selling machines in cassava processing.

2. Cutter

cutting machine cutterCassava cutting machine

A cutting machine is used for cutting cassava into the small block, usually in cassava flour and cassava starch production line for pre-grinding. This cutter machine is customized according to your capacity, so the price is different from $4000-$20,000. The capacity is 4-40 tons of cassava input per hour.

3. Rasper

rasper for flour and starch processingRasper for flour and starch processing

Rasper is the most important grinding machine in cassava flour and starch processing lines. It is used for crushing cassava completely, only if the cassava is completely broken can we get more flour or extract more starch. It is a very fine device that requires skilled technicians to process. Usually, its price is about 15000-50000$ which is related to capacity.

4. Hammer mill

cassava hammer millCassava hammer mill

This is another type of grating machine. It is different from the cutter and the rasper in that the hammer mill is mostly used for crushing the dehydrating cassava cakes in the garri and cassava flour production lines. It can also be used for crushing fresh cassava and dry cassava chip. The hammer mill is customized according to your capacity requirement and material requirement. The price is about 5000-10000$.

These are different types of grating machines, we can recommend to you according to your need. Welcome to consult from Henan Jinrui company.

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