How can I get cassava flour flash dryer?

In cassava flour processing plant, there are several parts, including cleaning, peeling, grating, degritting, pressing moisture, drying and sieving. In the whole cassava flour processing procedure, drying is an important step to ensure good quality finished and high yield product dry cassava flour. When it comes to get cassava flour flash dryer, people would first wonder that how I can get it.

cassava flour dryerCassava flour dryer

In the market, there are many kinds of cassava flour dryers with various capacities. Some cassava flour dryers are operated by manual with limited capacity, like 100kg to 300kg. However, more and more cassava flour production manufacturers need bigger capacity dryers to meet mass cassava flour production. So cassava flour flash dryer has been designed and touted into complete cassava flour processing plant.

Now in the cassava processing machine market, with different working technology, flash dryers can be divided into two kinds. One is positive pressure, and the other is negative pressure. Henan Jinrui Food Company, a professional cassava flour processing machine manufacturer, for example, adopts negative pressure flash dryer to dry cassava flour in cassava flour production plant. The advantage of negative pressure flash dryer is no leaking phenomenon because the inner pressure is lower than outside. And this is an important detail to ensure the yield of final cassava flour and keep workshop clean.

During the drying, hot stove and heat exchange machine are matched with flash dryer. And there is a pulse tube designed to prolong cassava flour passing time and ensure drying effect. Moreover, Henan Jinrui Food Company use food grade stainless steel material to manufacture the cassava flour flash dryer, ensuring food safety of cassava flour. The whole drying procedure, from the wet cassava flour input to final output, only needs few seconds to finish the drying of cassava flour.

Obviously, the negative pressure cassava flour flash dryer of Henan Jinrui Food Company has more merit than positive pressure cassava flour flash dryer. And So more people will prefer such type of cassava flour flash dryer to get more benefit in cassava flour production. If you plan to buy the cassava flour flash dryer cassava flour processing machine to improve your cassava flour production, Henan Jinrui Food Company recommends you to choose negative cassava flour flash dryer.We are pleasure to get your message, if you need this machine of Henan Jinrui Food Company.


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