How to process small scale cassava flour?

Cassava processing is popular in Eastern African and West Africa. It has advantages of strong vitality, planting easily, simply harvesting and etc. More significantly, cassava is very value in local. Cassava can be cooked to eat, and also can be produce garri, high-quality of flour and starch,fufu and so on. Among of which, cassava flour is gluten-free and it is used in food preparations. Cassava flour can be paired with other types of flours and then used for baking cookies, biscuits etc.

cassava flour processing plantCassava flour processing plant

How to process the small scale cassava flour? Please allow me to explain it step by step:

Step 1: Cleaning eradicate excess dirt and sands.

There are two ways to clean cassava, one way is by manual, another way is by mechanical. Henan Jinrui company normally will equip dry sieve in cassava processing plant to clean the cassava.

Step 2: Washing fresh cassava roots

In this part, cassava paddle washing machine is needed to wash cassava. With reversed water in the washing machine, cassava will be fully cleaned.

Step 3: Peeling fresh cassava roots

Peeling cassava is usually by sand rollers cassava peeler. Because the sand roller cassava peeler is not only help you to get peeled cassava, but also help you to reduce the attrition of cassava.

Step 4: Grinding fresh cassava into mash

There are two grinding machines will be used in this part because they can ensure that cassava can be fully grated. The first grinding machine is cassava cutting machine, which is firstly cut cassava into cassava chunk. Then, cassava rasper will grind cassava again and grind to cassava pulp, which can ensure you can get high yield of cassava flour.

Step 5: De-watering cassava mash

After grinding, cassava mash need to be dewatered by frame-plate filter or hydraulic press. In this way, moisture of wet cassava mash is almost 40%.

Step 6: Drying wet cassava flour into flash dryer

Flash dryer is a new design machine which is used to dry cassava flour. After cassava flour goes through this machine, it can be directly sold in the market. But, if you want to get more smaller particle of cassava flour and separate fiber, you need to process cassava flour by next step.

Step 7: Sieving cassava flour

In this step, vibration sieve will be used to sieve cassava flour. Though this machine, you will get more high quality cassava flour. And the value of such cassava flour will also be advanced.

Step 8: Packing cassava flour flour by packer

Cassava flour packer can be used in large and small scale cassava flour processing plant. If you want to improve your production efficiency, you should purchase a packer which can save labor cost and time.

Speak of here, you may clearly know the processing of cassava flour. If you want to engage in agricultural business, you can choose cassava flour project. Henan Jinrui company is not only just focused on cassava flour, we also supply the equipment of cassava starch & Garri processing machine. If want to do it, please contact us to get more details.

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