Cassava flour processing equipment



Cassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour processing equipment mainly includes cassava cleaning machine, paddle washing machine, cassava crushing machine, cassava flour dewatering machine, hammer mill, cassava flour drying machine, cassava flour sieving machine, cassava flour packing machine. The working principle of cassava flour processing equipment from Doing Company is mainly to adopt wet processing technology. The way can improve the quality of cassava flour.

The working process of cassava flour processing equipment: cassava cleaning and washing - cassava crushing - dewatering - milling - drying - sieving - cassava flour packing.

cassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour processing equipment

On the following will introduce our cassava flour processing steps detail by our cassava flour processing equipment:

Step 1. cassava cleaning and washing

The step mainly used to clean cassava. The fresh cassava will be transported to cassava cleaning machine. The machine rotates its inner spirals to cleaning surface impurities and peels without water. Then paddle washing washing machine will wash cassava tubers with water. In the process of washing by our cassava flour processing equipment, some peels and dirt will removed cleanly.

Step 2. cassava crushing

Rasper: rasper will be used in this step, the machine has high extraction rate and high coefficient. So in the process of cassava flour processing equipment, peeling section will be removed. Rasper can make up the weakness. The rasper will crush cassava into fine cassava mush. And the cassava flour will be in high quality.

This cassava flour processing equipment has features of modern design, compact structure, high speed and high rasping coefficient. It is a achievements of Doing company cooperate with international advanced technology.

cassava flour production process

Cassava flour production process

Step 3. dewatering and milling

After crushing, cassava flour dewatering machine which is called plate & frame filter press is used for various solid-liquid separation. The dewatering machine of cassava flour processing equipment is for large filteration equipments that requires a high degree of automation or centralized control. The whole machine is designed with integration of machine, electricity and liquid, which can realize automatic pressing.

So the cassava flour dewatering machine can dehydrate cassava flour with high efficiency. Then cassava flour cake will milled by hammer mill, so as to the cassava flour will dried easily.

Step 4. cassava flour drying

After dewatering step by DOING cassava flour processing equipment, the air enters the air distributor at the top of the dryer, and the hot air spirals evenly into the drying chamber. The high speed centrifugal atomizer of the top of the material of the tower is made into very fine mist droplets, which are in contact with the hot air, and can be dried in a very short time as the finished product. The finished product is continuously discharged from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is drained away by the fan. So flash drying is a very ideal process in cassava flour processing equipment.

cassava flour processing plant

One of our cassava flour processing plant project

Step 5. cassava flour sieving and packing

After drying, the cassava flour will go through vibration sieve to be sieved. The big size of cassava flour will be reserved, then it will be transported to hammer mill to be milled again. So in the cassava flour processing equipment, this step can guarantee the fineness of cassava flour.  After all the steps finished, the cassava flour will be packed by automatic packing machine.

These are main steps of cassava flour processing equipment. The whole process is very efficient and in a short time, so as to avoid cassava flour secondary pollution. And all the machines made by Doing company have high quality and after-sale service.

Features of our cassava flour processing equipment :

1. Fully automatic line, connected well among all components;

2. Saving manpower, just need 5-6 persons to operate the complete line;

3. Saving power and water;

4. Flour quantity from our machine is really high which can be made into some more delicious food like cake, bread and beer, etc.


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