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Cassava starch manufacturing equipment

Cassava is a major source of starch used in most of the tropical regions from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Thus, there is global diversity in cassava starch manufacturing technologies, which result in different performances for extracting starch from the roots. The processing yield range from 17% in Ivory Coast, 21% in Brazil and up to 25% in Thailand. In south-East Asia, the manufacturing process in large scale industries is characterized by streams that vary in complexity and require extensive processing to achieve high end product quality with an optimal consumption of water. In the case of cassava starch manufacturing at small scale, the process in usually conducted non continuously either through manual or mechanized unit operations. In which a volume of up to 22m³ of water is required for extracting 1 ton of starch. Additionally, none of the small scale agro industries in Vietnam use recycling  and wastewater treatment devices; and, large quantities of liquid wastes are usually discharged into the environment.

cassava starch manufacturing equipment

Cassava starch manufacturing equipment --hydrocyclone

Nevertheless, starch agro industries rarely adopt these technologies, which require large space and great investments. Therefore, the optimization of the extraction unit operation for preventing the management of large liquid waste quantities remains a challenge for small agro industries. Moreover, building up an experiment is usually more accessible at lab scale than at pilot or industrial scale, like in agro industries, in which the production rate can reach a few hundred kilograms per hour. In such case, the amount of raw material required per extractor may be too large to build up a realistic optimization trial of the manufacturing process. A classical concept in food engineering, to cassava starch manufacturing at house hold scale. The novelty of our work is not only to diagnose the functioning of the reactors, but also to simulate the reduction of water consumption through a recycling process. Moreover, the recycling option designed in this study is accessed in a starch production unit from Vietnam, and by considering realistic equipments, capital availabilities and starch quality.

cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant

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