Full automatic high quality potato starch production line


Jun 12, 2019

Full automatic high quality potato starch production line

Below are the full automatic high quality potato starch production line designed by DOING GROUP

Efficient washing makes refining easier

No matter the potato is just harvested or has been stored for some time, it is inevitably that there are mud,dirt, soil and other debris on potato. The quantity of impurities adhering to the potatoes mainly depends to weather conditions and on the soil where the potatoes are cultivated. So two step cleaning and washing is normally adopted in potato starch production line, that is using a cleaner and washer to remove dry matters and wet matters on potato.

potato starch production lineCleaner


Grinding is vital for starch extraction in potato starch production line. Its main goal is to open the tuber cells and release the starch granules. The slurry obtained can be considered as a mixture of pulp (cell walls), fruit juice and starch. With modern high speed rasper, grinding can be done just once with high efficiency.


The potato cell is rich in sugar, fiber, and protein. When its cells is broken, the components inside the cell is exposed into air immediately and reacts with the oxygen, forming coloured components, which may adhere to the starch and affect its color and quality. Therefore separation is required. A centrifugal machine is firstly used to remove fibers in potato starch production line. A counter current process is taken place in this step to ensure a better results.


Mainly remove sand in potato starch production line, the desander cyclone is designed in small size but is vita for the taste of starch.

potato starch production lineCentrifugal sieve

Concentrating the crude starch slurry

The residue protein, sugars and other impurities are still exists. A hydrocyclone unit is thereof required, whose function is to extract as much juice as possible and clean off other impurities.

The concentrating stage typically consists of a group of hydrocyclone blocks for concentrating and starch recovering arranged in series. The starch leaves the concentrator as pumpable slurry of approximately 19 oBe.

This is also a backflush washing process, where soft water coming from last stage cyclone while process water enters from first stage. The washing effect is better and the obtained starch is purer. A dam board is installed in last stage to reduce starch loss.

potato starch production lineHydrocyclone system

Drying and sifting

Drying consists of pre-drying and drying. A rotating vacuum filter is used for pre-drying, where the water content is effectively reduced to 38%, a perfect moisture for drying. 

Then pump it to flash dryer tube where it will mix with moderate hot air, it will be heated and dried within seconds.

According to your purpose of producing starch, we can sieve the dried starch to get starch. If specially requirements is not mentioned, it can be packed in this step.

Choosing a full automatic high quality potato starch production line can save you a lot of trouble and bring you good profit. DOING GROUP can provide you with best solution for potato starch production line, and we are building our overseas warehouse in Nigeria, where you can direct choose and buy equipment.

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