Peeling machine for cassava processing


Nov 18, 2017

Peeling machine for cassava processing

Cassava is one of the most important crops that are necessary to Nigeria and other Africa people. Many local people will make all kinds of product and food from cassava. For example, cassava starch, cassava flour, garri etcThe peeling machine for cassava is one of the vital machine for cassava processing line. 

cassava peeling machine

Cassava peeling machine

The working principle of peeling machine for cassava :
This peeling machine for cassava is designed by brush principle. Cassava are fed into the drum, which has a special lining internally that enables the skin of the cassava to be peeled in the process of rotation. Sprinkling of the water on the cassava and retains all nutritive elements.
cassava peeling machine
Peeling machine for cassava
The features of peeling machine for cassava:


Beautiful, smooth lines

Warranty 12 months
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 2T/H--10 T/H
Material Stainless steel or carbon steel
Advantage Simple operation,saving energy and labour
Of course,as the professional cassava peeling machine supplier in China,we have our own factory and engineer team. we can design the peeling machine according to your demand for peeling machine for cassava,we can provide you the turnkey project.

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