Cassava flour making process


May 03, 2018

Cassava flour making process

Cassava flour is kind of food of some states in tropical areas. For example, some people Ghana usually treat cassava flour as the main food. Besides, those projects of cassava flour making machine bring much benefit to Ghana. Ghana is a one of  largest country which plant cassava. The implementation of cassava flour making process projects not only alleviate poverty and famers misery of some areas of Ghana, but also improve the famers` interests  to plant cassava. Since  the world has a large demand of the cassava flour, so the trust of this project can satisfy those demands and improve the livelihood of famers in Ghana.

cassava flour making process

Cassava flour making process

The  cassava flour making process  are as per below:

(1).Cassava cleaning and washing: Fresh cassava tubers are transported to the dry sieve. Then dry sieve rotates its inner multiple inner spirals to clean some outer impurities. Then paddle washing machine is used to wash these cassava tubers with water. The machine with countercurrent working principle can rotate the paddle  to wash cassava tubers clean.

(2).Cassava peeling: In order to produce cassava flour, cassava peeling is an important step in the whole cassava flour making process. Cassava peel contains some hydride which is harmful to human. The cassava peeling machine made by DOING can peel cassava tubers completely.

Cassava flour making process

Cassava grinding

(3).Cassava grinding: cassava tubers having been peeled will be grinded a kind of mush by cassava hammer mill. The machine use high speed rotating knife to break the raw material in to mush.

(4).Cassava flour dewatering: Before becoming cassava flour, cassava mush must be dewatered by plate & frame filter press. The machine is designed with integration of machine, electricity and liquid, which can realize automatic pressing, filtering, draining ,squeezing and so on.

(5).Cassava flour drying: In the cassava flour making process, the dewatered cassava flour is dried in a flash drying machine with hot air. When wet cassava mush mix with hot air, after heat exchange, the hot air take away the moisture, the dry cassava flour is collected by cyclone. After drying, the cassava flour moisture is normally around 12-13%.

Cassava flour making process

Doing Company vibration sieve for cassava flour sieving

(6).Cassava flour sieving and packing: The milled cassava flour is sieved by vibration sieve. This machine is a high-precision fine-particle screening machine, which adopts various mesh to separates different size particles and powder materials. The final step in cassava flour process is that the final product will be packed by automatic packing machine, which can save labor and time.

Cassava flour making process

Welcome to DOING

This is a whole cassava flour making process, which mainly includes cassava cleaning and washing, cassava peeling, cassava grinding, cassava flour dewatering, cassava flour drying ,cassava flour sieving and  cassava packing.

DOING company will provide a complete set of processing machine in cassava flour making process. Besides, DOING company supply good after-sale service and 12-month warranty period. Moreover, cassava flour making can make more profit in Ghana, because the projects of cassava flour making are supported by local governments. And there is a good opportunity for people in Ghana. China is willing to export their cassava flour processing machine to Ghana, and Ghana can export their cassava flour to China. Therefore, China can form a mutually beneficial relationship with Ghana.

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