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Running of cassava chips slicing machine

Our company could supply high quality cassava chips making machine. Cassava chips making machine could produce cassava tubers into cassava chips. From this way cassava chips could be stored for long time. Cassava chips could also be process in to animal feed. Cassava is widely used in the livestock feed industry. The European Union imports three to four million tones of dry cassava chips/ pellets for use in livestock feeds annually. Usually a mixture of 80% dry cassava chips and 20% soybean meal is made and is used as substitute for barely, the most common grain used in livestock feeding in Europe. Likewise, cassava could be used in livestock feeds in Nigeria. Substitution of maize with cassava in feed rations has been made using linear programming to minimize the cost of feed rations. Saving of up to 10% in feed cost could be obtained for poultry feed and about 20% for pig feed.

cassava chips slicing machine

Cassava chips slicing machine