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Tapioca processing plant

Gari is one of many different kinds of food products that can be produced from fresh tapioca roots (also called cassava). Gari is dry, crispy, creamy-white and granular. It is made from tapioca roots that have been crushed into a mash, fermented and sieved into small pieces (known as grits). The grits are then roasted or fried to make the final crispy product. Gari is a popular food in West Africa and is fast becoming a marketable product.  

tapioca processing plant

Tapioca processing plant

Here is the machines and technical process in tapioca processing plant:

Step 1: Tapioca cleaning and washing, this process in tapioca processing plant complete by the dry sieve and paddle washing machine. The dry sieve will be first used to remove the dirt, stand, small stones, weeds and other impurities on the surface of the cassava, then the cassava will be washed in the paddle washing machine by adopt the countercurrent washing method, this two sections cleaning and washing process ensures the material can be thoroughly washed and the sand and mud be cleaned effectively.

Step 2: Crushing roots into mash, the fresh tapioca will be crushed by the rasper, (a new type cassava crushing machine). The rasper introduces the new technology of the German and the Sweden which is an important achievement of Doing company cooperate with the advanced technology. With this machine, the tapioca roots will be crushed sufficiently, this machine adopted can be improve the tapioca extraction rate largely.

cassava crusher

Rasper for tapioca crushing

Step 3: Seperating: this step in tapioca processing plant aimed to seperate the starch liquid and impurities. Machine used in this part is the centrifugal sieve and fine fiber sieve, the centrifuge sieve is mainly used to separate the fiber and starch slurry. While the fine fiber sieve is used to further filter the small fibers. Reasonable aperture design guarantee a good seperate effect, the backwash system ensures that the screen does not clog up, that to say our machine can make sure your tapioca processing plant operation continuously and smoothly.

Step 4: Concentrating & Refining, this step function is concentrating and refining starch slurry, after this part made by hydrocyclone, we can get a clean tapioca starch liquid, because of the hydrocyclone can remove the protein and cell sap.

hydrocyclone station


Step 5: Dewatering, before final drying, we must make the starch moisture under 40%, so requests this dewatering process, our vacuum filter can process the tapioca starch liquid water content to about 38%.

Step 6: Drying, standard tapioca starch moisture is less than 14%, our flash dryer used for the tapioca starch drying in the tapioca processing plant, guarantee the tapioca starch moisture under 14%, also can decrease the moisture as your requests.

Step 7: Sieving and packing: this part is the last step in tapioca processing plant, processed by the starch sieving machine and automatic packing machine.

cassava processing machine manufacturer

DOING machinery manufacturing shop

Tapioca also named cassava starch, which has been more and more important used in the industrial production. As a major cassava processed product, the tapioca are processed after a serious of complicated procedure. The main machines used in the tapioca processing plant are the dry sieve, the paddle wash machine, the cassava peeling machine, the rasper, the centrifuge sieve, the fine fiber sieve, the dis separator , the hydrocyclone station , the vacuum filter and the flash dryer.

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