Starting a profitable garri processing plant

Garri, is processed cassava tubers, and has become a much wanted staple food in Nigeria.

garri processing machine

Yellow garri

There are two different types of garri in the market: 1. White Garri: 2. Red Garri (which is actually yellow in colour)
With the developing of garri market, the garri processing plant become more and more popular in Nigeria.Lots of cassava plantation and businessman want to set up one garri processing plant for earning much money. Then what is the process of making garri,and what machines do you need during starting a garri processing plant?

The process of making garri can be simple. It can be illustrated as follows: from cassava farm - peeling - grating/grinding - pressing - sieving - frying - cooling - bagging.

garri processing plant
Garri processing plant
Cassava washing and peeling section during garri processing progress :

The peeling and washing machines involve the following kinds machines normally according to the plant production capacity to choose the different machine,to peel and clean the roots surface,remove the dirts,normally in 2-3 times.

garri production machine

Cassava peeling machine

Grating machine for garri processing line

Grating is carried out by means of different kinds of disintegrates the cassava issue and frees up the moisture.

De-watering machine during the garri processing plant

By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight,nofilter chamber cavity, will directly press and squeeze the water under putting the material into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content .

Sifting in garri processing plant

This necessary step after pressing of the flour ,use the sifting machine to sieve for next step fire drying.

garri processing machine

Garri fryer

Gari fryer

In Gari high quality flour making,fire drying is necessary for all the production.we manufacturer the modern fire dryer instead of the the backward wooden firing.the finished product (Gari) recognized from the color change from white to cream.

Above all is the simple description of garri processing line,if you want to starting a profitable plant,welcome to contact us and then my engineers will give you a perfect suggestions for garri processing plant.

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