Starting a profitable garri processing plant


Jun 18, 2019

Starting a profitable garri processing plant

Garri is processing from cassava tubers, and has become a much wanted staple food in Western Africa, almost in every family, have garri, and a lot of is produced by manual.

There are two different types of garri in the market: 1. White Garri: 2. Red Garri (which is actually yellow in colour because added palm oil when frying garri).

With the developing of garri market, the garri processing plant become more and more profitable in Nigeria. Lots of cassava plantation and businessman want to set up a garri processing plant for earning much money. Under this situation, to get profit, the modern high quality garri processing machines participate is essencial. So when want to starting a profitable garri processing plant, what kind of garri processing machines we need?

garri processing machinesMain garri processing machines

The process of making garri can be simple. It can be illustrated as follows: cassava tubers harvest from cassava farm - cleaning - peeling - grating/grinding - dewatering - sieving - frying - cooling - bagging. So the main garri processing machines are cleaner, peeler, grater, press dewater, fryer, vibration sieve, and packing machine.

In garri high quality making, fire drying is necessary for all the production. We manufacturer the modern dryer instead of the the backward wooden firing. Guarantee the produced garri taste better.

Finally, its worth to tell you our company also can design the high automatic degree garri processing line for you, if you want to starting a profitable garri processing plant, welcome to contact us and then my engineers will give you a perfect suggestions for garri processing plant.

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