Industrial potato washing machine and its price

In recent years potato processing is very popular, and more and more people want to learn potato processing machines. In our recent inquiries, some clients wonder about an industrial potato washing machine with its price. Here is our advice for reference:

In potato processing, there are some choices like the roller washing machine and paddle washing machine. Different potato washing machine configurations will influence the final machine price.

Firstly roller washing machine is the best choice for potato and sweet potato cleaning. Here is its photo:

potato washing machine roller washing machineRoller washing machine

Working principle:

The water will be released from the end of the roller washing machine, the water flow direction is opposite to the potato moving direction to get a better cleaning effect. There is much porosity on the roller washing machine, fine sand can penetrability and dropdown. Moreover, in roller washing machine operation, it can’t damage many potato materials.

It is very popular in potato and sweet potato processing. Normally this machine will be matched in large-capacity potato processing. The machine price will depend on your capacity plan.

Apart from the roller washing machine, there is a paddle washing machine. Here is a machine photo that can be referenced:

potato washing machine paddle washing machinePaddle washing machine

Working principle:

The paddle washing machine adopts the countercurrent washing principle. When working, the paddle washing machine flip potato forward, and the washing water flows from the other side, that is to say, the washing water and potato run in opposite direction in the washing slot, thus can achieve a better washing effect and saving water in the whole process.

Considering potato tubers are not big, this paddle washing machine is more popular in cassava starch and sweet potato processing.

According to the different potato processing outputs and customer budgets, the required configuration of the potato washing machine is also different. Since Henan Jinrui Company provides customized services, we cannot give you the most accurate answer about the price.

If you want to learn more details about the potato washing machine, you can message us. We are not only a potato processing machine manufacturer, but also have cassava and sweet potato processing machines. We will provide our professional advice according to your requirements.

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