How big a workshop is needed to build a sweet potato starch processing plant?

Due to the good starch market this year, more and more people are trying to process sweet potato starch. Usually, to start a sweet potato starch processing plant, we have to prepare a lot, such as raw materials, land, processing workshops, funds, machine suppliers and so on. Many customers want to know what kind of sweet potato starch machine is like, how big a workshop is needed to build a sweet potato starch processing plant? The answer to this question ultimately depends on the degree of automation and production scale of your starch plant. Let us tell you in detail below.

sweet potato starch processing plantSweet potato starch processing plant

Generally speaking, sweet potato starch production is divided into traditional processing and modern processing, and the biggest difference between them is the degree of automation of the sweet potato starch processing machine. For example, the use of traditional sedimentation tanks to extract sweet potato starch can greatly save machine costs, but the starch extraction process is time-consuming and laborious, and the starch extraction rate is not high, so it is gradually replaced by large-scale modern production. Then modern starch processing adopts a complete set of automatic sweet potato starch extraction equipment, and the whole process adopts PLC control system to efficiently complete the starch extraction work. Then, what does a fully automated sweet potato starch processing plant look like? How big a workshop is needed to build a sweet potato starch processing plant?

Please watch the 3D video of the sweet potato starch workshop below:

Therefore, if you want to build a highly automated sweet potato starch processing plant, you need to purchase a complete set of starch machines. This means you need to account for all machine heights and placements. Especially for starch drying equipment, the overall height of the pipeline with large air volume reaches more than 20 meters, which requires the overall height and length of the workshop to be no less than 20 meters. This requires you to consult professionals in advance to design the size of your sweet potato starch workshop.

Henan Jinrui is a professional manufacturer of starch processing machinery. Our potato starch processing machine can input 5-40 tons of sweet potatoes per hour. Sweet potato starch processing includes washing, grinding, separating, refining, dehydrating, drying and sieving. Machines include Dry sieve, Gravity destoner, Rotary washer, Cutting machine, Rasper, Centrifuge sieve, Fine fiber sieve, Hydrocyclone ,Vacuum filter, Flash dryer, and Sieving machine.

For sweet potato starch processing plants with different capacities, Henan Jinrui has tailored sweet potato starch workshops of different sizes for you:

Sweet potato input capacitySweet potato starch workshop size
5 tons input per hour600 square meters
10 tons input per hour700 square meters
20-30 tons input per hour2000 square meters

The above is the introduction of different specifications of sweet potato starch processing workshop provided by Henan Jinrui. Henan Jinrui is a machine supplier with decades of experience in starch processing projects at home and abroad. In addition to sweet potato starch processing plant, we can also provide different output tapioca starch production lines, potato starch production lines, and garri processing machines and cassava chip machine. If you have needs, please contact Henan Jinrui. Our engineers will provide you with a series of advice on suitable plant design and machine selection.

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