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What are main cassava flour milling process?

cassava flour milling machine

Cassava flour milling machine

Cassava is an important staple crop in most parts of Africa and South America. It grows to approximately 2meters tall and can grow on marginal lands. Cassava roots contain high amount of carbohydrates than other staple crops like maize. However, they have low protein contents. As much as cassava is a staple food, it is poisonous in its raw state. There are two types of cassava; sweet and bitter cassava.

High quality raw materials are needed in processing if the final product needs to be of high quality. Cassava needs to be free from damage and disease infestation. The crop needs to be processed within two days of harvest if you have to maintain the quality of the product. There are several procedures in the cassava flour mill process. Always read and understand the instruction carefully before embarking on the procedure. This is because; the quality of products that you will produce depends on the whole process.

What are main cassava flour milling process?

The cassava flour mill process first starts with harvesting of the cassava. After harvesting, the cassavas are washed to remove any foreign materials such as dirt and any toxic substances. The next process is rasping, then, separation of fiber and refining, the cassava is then dried and then milled and packed. After all the cassava flour mill process, you will get the cassava flour. Cassava flour could be used for bakery and brewery processing and raw materials. There is a bright market of cassava processing.

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