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Tapioca flour machine manufacture

Tapioca flour is made from tapioca pieces that have been dried, then crushed. For producing good tapioca flour, tapiocaa that used must be good and old enough.Tapioca flour is commonly used as ingredient to make many kind of foods.

cassava flour processing machine

Cassava flour processing machine and the chart flow

This technique is suitable for preparing tapioca flour from both sweet and bitter varieties.

Mini-chippers were also tried in place of the mechanical grater but were found to be unsuitable for bitter varieties because the concentration of cyanogenic glucosides was not reduced sufficiently during processing.

cassava peeling machine

Tapioca(cassava) cleaning and peeling machine

The Equipment used during the tapioca flour manufacture

Grater  → Press → Dryer → Pin mill → Stitching machine

Another way of tapioca flour processing, here is cassava flour processing equipment

Tapioca Peeling machine → Tapioca Mill → Tapioca flour Dewatering machine → Drying machine → Sifter

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