Sweet potato starch plant production process(3D video)

The above video introduces the production process of the sweet potato starch processing plant after newest technology upgrade. It has a processing capacity of 2-40 tons per hour.

The sweet potato starch production line designed and manufactured by Henan Jinrui adopts wet processing technology, which has high production efficiency and meets food safety requirements. In addition, if you want to process other materials to produce starch, such as potatoes and cassava, it can also meet the demand, just making some adjustments to the sweet potato starch production line, and it will not cost you a lot of money.

The production process of sweet potato starch is: cleaning-crushing-separation-purification-dehydration-drying-screening. Among them, the most frequently used machines are stainless steel bidirectional rasper, hydrocyclone station and flash dryer, which all can be used in other materials production lines.

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