The video of starch flash dryer

Starch flash dryer application:

The starch flash dryer is used for drying the wet potato starch, cassava starch, sweet potato starch, wheat starch and other starch and modified starch after the dehydration. The starch flash dryer also can be used to continuously dry other granular thermo-sensitive materials.

Features of starch flash dryer:

(1)Short time of materials retention, high heat-exchange rate, realization of instantly drying;

(2) The special cyclone recovery device to ensure the minimum loss of dry starch;

(3) The special designed cooling system of starch flash dryer makes the starch not easy agglomerate and the residual moisture can be precisely controlled;

(4) The new pass wind screw replaces the traditional shut wind screw, the effect is well and the failure rate is low;

(5) Without massive moving parts, low cost in operation and maintenance.

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