Garri processing machine working process

This video mainly shows the working process of garri processing machine. If you also want to use garri processing machine to process cassava into garri, then you may learn something useful by watching this video.

The detailed working process of garri processing machine showed in this videos mainly includes the following seven steps:

(1)Cleaning: adopt dry sieve to clean off the impurities attached on cassava;

(2)Washing: adopt paddle washing machine to wash cassava completely and remove the sand and mud effectively;

(3)Peeling: adopt cassava peeler to peel the two skins of cassava;

(4)Grinding: adopt cassava grinding machine to grind cassava into particles for 24-48 hours fermentation;

(5)Dewatering: use hydraulic press to squeeze out the water in the crushed cassava;

(6)Frying: use garri frying machine to stir and fry garri.

(7)Packing: pack the garri in airtight bags and then store properly for sale.

The whole garri production process has high automation degree, easy handling, labors and energy saving features. And the final garri product has good quality and high market competitiveness. If you also want to process cassava into garri so as to make high profits, welcome to contact Henan Jinrui Company for professional solution. No matter what scale garri processing plant you want to develop, our engineer team can customize the most cost-effective garri processing machine!

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