Gari packaging machine was bought by a Nigeria client from Jinrui company

Nov 16, 2022/ DOING News/ Chat online

On November 18, 2022, a Nigerian client bought a gari packaging machine that is used to pack cassava and gari products from Jinrui. He has already bought gari grinding machine, hydraulic dewater, gari frying machine, and vibration sieve to compose a semi-automatic gari production line.

gari packing machineGari packing machine

Nigeria client is our old client. He bought our gari grinding machine and hydraulic dewater last year. Since we have stock in our overseas warehouse in Nigeria, the client received the machine very quickly. After use, the client said that the machine were running stably and wanted to expand the output to make a semi-automatic gari production line, so the client bought a frying machine and a vibration sieve from Jinrui. In October, the client contacted us again and expressed their desire to add a gari packaging machine which is convenient for the sale gari product in the market. The whole cooperation process has been very pleasant before, so the client has recognized our strength and service very much. And the client was very moved, we were always able to help him solve the problem in time and praised our good after-sales service, so the contract was soon signed.

Jinrui manufactures fully automatic and semi-automatic gari production machines and other cassava processing machines. For more cassava processing machines, please continue to pay attention to Henan Jinrui Company.

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