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Garri processing machine exported to East Europe, Middle East, and African countries

In Nigeria, virtually all the processing steps in the production of garri are mechanized, thereby removing the drudgery of the most female rural cassava processors. The Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), Lagos, successfully improved the technology, splitting the process into definite steps and optimizing each step with respect to time, product quality and unit cost. Notable areas of improvement include the use of a mechanical grater, mechanical or hydraulic press or centrifuge to replace the stone and milling to a uniform particle size. With the application of these modern operations, the quality of the product is adequately guaranteed.

FIIRO has also gone a step further to fortify garri with soybean, thereby improving its nutritional content with the protein rich soyflour. The extension outreach of the ADPs through the activities of WIA has brought this protein enriched garri to the household level. This was achieved through practical demonstrations in schools, health centres and clinics as well as to organized women groups.
Our company supply garri processing machine, our cassava processing machine have been exported to East Europe, Middle East, and African market.
Following is the main garri processing machine introduction:
1. Garri processing machine washing process: paddle type cassava washing machine
a. rotating by paddles
b. full of water
c. Small defects are cleaning up
d. Material to the next stage automatically
cassava paddle washing machine
Cassava paddle washing machine
2. Garri processing machine peeling process: cassava peeler
a. peeling
b. washing
c. do not hurt the material
d. material to the next stage automatically
cassava peeler
Cassava peeler
3. Garri processing machine grinding process: cassava grinder 
a. two ways of crushing
b. Several national patents owned
c. Low energy and high efficiency with fully automatic
cassava grinding machine
Cassava grinding machine
4. Garri processing machine dewatering process: cassava dewatering:
By using the principle of hydraulic and self-weight, nofilter chamber cavity, will directly press and squeeze the water under putting the material into the filter bag to further reduce the moisture content.
cassava dewatering machine
Cassava dewatering machine
5. Garri processing machine frying process: garri fryer
a. Double layers with “+’ type mixer
b. Speed automatically controlled
c. Multi heat resources can be selected
d. 24 hours continuous work available.

garri fryer

Garri fryer

Our company have been in cassava processing plant manufacturing industry for mroe than 20 year, we are glad to be your consult of garri processing project.

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