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To start a garri making business plan, you mainly need to consider three factors: investment and revenue, market analysis, garri processing machines select. Absolutely, except these, you also need to pay attention to the plant installation site select, employmee training, sale and shippment, production scale, funds collection, etc, these factors confirm mainly decided by your own production capacity plan, Doing Company can help to train the people for machine operate, by the way, we also can help you to settle your garri making business plan according to our customers garri production factory. Next Doing Company introduce the the three main factors in garri making business plan:

1. Investment and revenue:

The garri making business plan investment not large, because the cassava as raw material is cheap, garri processing technology not complex, and Doing Company can manufacturer all machines used for your garri business with a good price.

Production cost
Name Quantity Unit price Total
Cassava 3ton $69.33 $208
Electric cost 30kw $0.08 per kw $2.4
Water cost 40ton 0.08 per ton $3.2
Coal consumption 0.15ton $112 per ton $16.8
Manpower 10 $3 per people/day $30
Others $10
Total $260.4
Sale price $553 / 1 ton
Net profit $293 / 1ton

Note: above data just for reference, the cost is subject to local conditions.

One ton of garri can packaging into 20 bags, one package wholesale price is $27.67-$30.43, the market price is $35.97-$38.73, assuming a wholesale price of $553, get the net profit is $293.

Usually garri is white after production, you also can futher process white garri into egba garri, yellow garri, koko garri, etc., to get higher profit in your garri making business plan. Garri packed as 500kg per bag, and at least you can sale 40 bags(2 ton) in one week, that's to say, just one week, the profit you get at leaset are $586.

Higher garri capacity, higher revenue, generally garri processing industry can recovery all cost within half year, and because the cassava can plant and harvest all year, also guarantee the garri processing plant working integrity, keep bringing benefits.

garri business plan

Garri production machine loading and shipment

2. Market analysis:

Garri as one of the staple foods in West African cuisine is popular. It is rich in starch and has high fiber content, proteins and vitamins. As it is also often cooked with vegetables, bananas, coconut, peanuts, cashew nuts, fish and meat, it can make for a quite excellent and healthy dish. Garri has a very large market. Garri also known as gari, garry, processed from cassava, in the cassava planting country and area, garri processing industry is a good project, start a garri making business plan is suitable for everyone, not need too much money, its a small investment and quick capital gains industry.

For another, recently years, because of many other products can be produced from cassava(starch, flour), the garri production capacity is reduced, which makes the balance of supply and demand turn to the garri producers. This is very beneficial to the implementation of garri making business plan.

garri processing machinery

DOING garri making machines

3. Garri making machines:

DOING company as a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer and supplier, offer all garri making machine for you, include cassava cleaning and washing, cassava peeling, cassava crushing, hydraulic press dewatering, garri frying, sieving and packing. To make garri, the cassava roots are cleaned, peeled and soaked in water for several hours. The soaked roots are then dried and crushing, the root shavings are stuffed into porous jute bags and pressed under heavy weights for three to seven days until the moisture and starch has completely drained away and the shavings have fermented, this is the fermentation process, just need time. After fermentation, use the filter press to dewater, then dried by garri frying machine. Garri divided into white color and yellow color, the palm oil gives color as well as flavor to the garri, to get yellow garri, just add palm oil during the frying machine working. From cassava cleaning to final garri frying in the garri making business plan, adopt our machines can improve your garri products quality, make your garri making business plan get higher profit.

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