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Cassava starch plant equipment shipped to Nigeria

This month in October, 2016, our 50 tons per day cassava starch plant equipment were shipped to Nigeria. Cassava starch owned a bright market in international starch market. Nigeria is very easy to meet the supply of raw material cassava tubers since Nigeria is the “King” for cassava starch production worldwide. Our company focus on supply high quality and professional cassava starch processing equipment, we innovate new technology and advanced equipment for cassava processing.

Cassava starch production has always been large scale especially  because of the huge costs involved. This discourages would be small scale producers from venturing into its production. Typically, small scale cassava starch production is limited to handling not more than 50 tonnes of fresh roots per day giving rise to 10 tonnes of starch. Ordinarily, under small scale cassava starch plant equipment it is hard to maintain the quality of starch produced and it also becomes uneconomical to sustain production in the long run. Experience from Brazil, for example, indicates that at the minimum production should be on 65 hectares, which should progressively increase to 350 hectares in five years to break even. To encourage emergence of small and medium enterprises (SME) in starch production, there is need to improve on hygiene and explore and explore value adding opportunities.

cassava starch processing equipment

Cassava starch processing equipment

The Nigeria Starch Mills (NSM) which processes 250 tonnes of fresh roots per day yielding 50 tonnes of starch per day and 15,000 tonnes per year is certainly a large scale venture. To operate at that level requires premium investment in equipment, some costing as much as US$600,000. The quality of cassava starch plant equipment (should be made of stainless steel, for food safety and public health reasons) was emphasized as a very important consideration in starch production.



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