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Garri production process line

Garri is the stable food in Nigeria. The modern Garri production process line is what we do updated according to the traditional Garri production process line in Nigeria.Africa.The modern garri production process line will eliminate the stress and drudgery occasioned by the sedentary nature of traditional garri production.

garri production process line

Garri production process line

The description of modern garri production line:

1. Conveying cassava tubers by belt conveyor

garri processing machine

2. Cassava washing and peeling section : When it begin to running the water will begin to washing the cassava and the stainless steel roll begin to peel the cassava skin.The whole washing and peeling line is automatic, it is very high efficient and saving labors.

3. Cassava grinding machine :This machine grinds the peeled and washed cassava tubers into a pulp or mash and can often process up to 4 tons of raw cassava in one day.

garri processing machine

Hydraulic presser for garri

4. Hydraulic presser:This machine comes with a 30-ton hydraulic jack and does an easy job of  squeezing all the water out of the mashed cassava.

5. Sieving machine :This is the machine that separates the fibre/lumps from the grated, mashed and pressed cassava before frying.

garri production process line machine

Garri fryer and garri

6. Garri frying machine:

(1) Processor can control the temperature by button ; Temperature adjustable

(2) Two scrapers on each side, which will ensure the cassava mesh fully heated

(3)The fryer is tiltable type , easy operation when discharging

What the workers need to do is operate all the garri processing machines, when it stop working, just check the machine and make sure it running well.

gari procesing machine

The modern garri production process line will reverse the trend of migration to the city and make the youths interested in garri production. The modern garri production process line will create local livelihood opportunities that will enable businesses and households to thrive in their local domains rather than be forced to migrate to overcrowded cities  It will create jobs and generate sustainable prosperity to reduce poverty in the rural areas.

Modern garri processing using the local cassava will build a local human resource base in the impact areas;  which is the surest guarantee of sustainable growth.

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