How to dry sweet potato starch, machine drying or manual drying?

Machine drying and manual drying are two common drying methods for producing sweet potato starch. With the development of science and technology and the increase in the demand for sweet potato starch, the two drying methods have also collided. How to choose the drying method for the production of sweet potato starch? Here, we compare the two drying methods from drying efficiency, drying cost and the quality of sweet potato starch after drying to help you know clearly.

1.Drying efficiency

Machine drying sweet potato starch has high efficiency and large processing capacity. Taking the sweet potato starch drying machine flash dryer produced by Doing Company as an example, it adopts a specially designed negative pressure drying system and material cooling system, which can realize instant drying of sweet potato starch, and Doing can customize the hourly drying capacity according to customer needs.

The efficiency of manual drying is low, and it is easily affected by many uncontrollable factors such as wind, constant sunshine, light intensity, temperature, etc. The amount of manual drying is easily limited each time, and the drying area is large.

new design flash dryerHigh efficiency drying machine flash dryer

2.Drying cost

The cost of machine drying includes the cost of the drying machine and the cost of electricity consumption. In comparison, the cost of machine drying is higher, but it has the advantages of large processing capacity, high efficiency, stable operation, and high return on profit, which is suitable for large-scale drying processing of sweet potato starch and long-term development of sweet potato starch production.

Manual drying is used to reduce water content. This method is simple to operate and does not require the purchase of drying equipment, but the cost of space, labor and time is high, and it is only suitable for small-scale family workshops or farmers to make starch for drying.

3.The quality of sweet potato starch after drying

The finished sweet potato starch obtained by machine drying can meet the high standard requirements of materials, with high quality and less loss. The machine drying method not only ensures the moisture uniformity of the finished starch, but also realizes the requirement of different transportation and packaging of sweet potato starch materials.

Due to the influence of uncontrollable factors such as weather, site and environment, the sweet potato starch obtained by mannual drying method cannot be separated from dust, bacteria, etc., and the basic hygienic quality may not be guaranteed.

manual drying sweet potato starchThe picture of manual drying sweet potato starch

Comparing the two drying methods, it is found that machine drying is more suitable for starch processing factories, while manual drying is preferred for household production. Doing is a professional and reliable manufacturer of flour and starch machines. For more details, please contact us or leave a message. [Related article: Modified starch development and uses]

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