How to process garri with machines?

To process garri with machines, you need to know which machines needed in garri processing. The garri processing machines mainly include dry sieve, paddle washer, peeling machine, cassava grating machine, hydraulic pressing machine, hammer crusher, garri fryer, vibration sieve and packing machine.

garri processing machineGarri processing machine

At the same time, you need to know the following nine steps of processing garri: cleaning and washing, peeling, grating, fermentation, dewatering, crushing, frying, sieving and packing. Different steps require different machines for processing garri.

1.Cleaning and washing

The main machines used in this step are dry sieve machine and paddle washing machine.

Dry sieve machine is used for potato starch removal process which removes dirt, sand and impurities such as small stones and weeds from cassava. HENAN JINRUI’sdry sieve machine can adjust the corresponding parameter design of equipment according to the material property. Paddle washing machine is used to clean the cassava after the dry sieving process to ensure that all impurities such as sediment are washed away.


This step needs to use peeling machine. Peeling machine is used to remove the two-layer skin of cassava, and the peeling rate is as high as 95%, and it is equipped with a spray water system, which can achieve better peeling and cleaning effect.


This step needs to use cassava grating machine. Cassava grating machine is used to crush cassava tubers.

cassava dry sieveCassava dry sieve


The crushed cassava is bagged and fermented for 2-3 days to obtain better taste.


This step needs to use hydraulic pressing machine. Hydraulic pressing machine uses the hydraulic principle to squeeze out the water in the cassava after crushing.


The main machine used in this step is hammer crusher. Hammer crusher uses a high-speed rotating blade to break the dehydrated cassava cake, which is convenient for the next stir-fry.


This step needs to use garri fryer. Garri fryer is a device that can automatically stir fry and control the temperature by itself, which ensures that no gelatinization occurs during the frying process of garri. Generally, garri wok has 3 heating systems to choose from, which are gas heating, oil heating and electric heating.

cassava dewatering machine and frying machineGarri dewatering machine and garri fryer


This step needs to use vibration sieve. Vibration sieve can sieve garri of different particle sizes through a variety of sieves with different meshes.


Packing machine is a device for bagging and selling processed garri.

The above is an introduction to how to use machines to process garri. If you are interested in garri or want to process garri with machines, Henan Jinrui can provide you with garri production and processing machines design and manufacturing services and various stand-alone equipment. Our website will regularly update articles about garri processing machines, please bookmark the website to keep an eye on website updates. You can also leave us a message through the contact information below, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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