What's the process for extraction of starch from cassava ?

Many people want to build a factory to process cassava starch, but they have no idea of the process used for starch from cassava. Now the next will introduce the process in detail.

Process description:

cassava starch production process

Process for extraction of starch from cassava

Section 1. cassava reception and washing

The fresh harvested roots are transported from the fields by truck. The trucks are weighted and samples are taken for starch determination before the trucks unload the roots on a clean concrete square, the so-called root storage platform. Then the cassava root are transported to dry sieve in order to clean its sand and peels. Then cassava will be washed by paddle washing machine, the machine adopts counter current working principle to wash cassava effectively. This is a step of removing impurities in the process for extraction of starch from cassava.

cassava starch processing plant

Cassava starch processing plant

Section 2. cassava cutting and rasping

The cleaned roots coming from the root washing section are fed into the cassava cutting machine, and the machine chops the cassava roots into pieces which will be transported to rasper. Then the rasper will rasp cassava into a kind of mush with high efficiency. Rasper has features of modern design, compact structure, high speed, high rasping coefficient and high extraction rate. The rasper disintegrates the roots into a suspension of free starch granules, fibers, bounded starch and fruit water containing solubles such protein, sugars and minerals. The machine can help extraction of starch from cassava.

Section 3. cassava starch extraction

Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve will remove fiber out of cassava starch pulp, the two machine both have fine screen sieve which can screen fiber and some dirt out or starch slurry. And the machine has back and front washing system in order to work continuously and effectively. After that, the starch slurry will be de-sanded by de-sanding machine. Then cassava starch pulp will go though disc separator, the machine will separate cell liquid and protein out of starch pulp. In the process for extraction of starch from cassava ,hydrocyclone unit is a most important extraction machine. The machine consists of many parts, which can contribute to the extraction of starch from cassava.

vacuum dewatering machine

Starch vacuum dewater

Section 4: cassava starch dewatering

In the process for extraction of starch from cassava, the deawtering is done by vacuum filter. The machine adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging and it is a solid-liquid separation equipment. The dewatered starch cake is discharged by scrape on a belt conveyor which transports it the dryer section.

Section 5. cassava starch drying

Air flow flash dryer makes the dried material suspend therein by using the high speed hot air flow. The continuous change of air flow speed to constantly thrash the material for drying; it has a high heat conduction coefficient and continuously drying a large amount of material .The drying time only needs approx.3-5second,and the temperature of dried material will up to 120℃. And the flash dryer adopts cooling system and negative pressure system, so the moisture of the final product will contain 12-18%.

cassava starch sieving machine

Cassava starch sieving machine

Section 6. cassava starch sieving and packing

The finished starch from drying section will be fed into cassava starch sieving machine, and then they will  be packed by automatic packing machine. The machine can save a lot labor and time.

This is a whole process for extraction of starch from cassava. The whole process includes dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, de-sanding machine, disc separator, peeler centrifuge, sieving machine and packing machine.

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