Electric cassava grater



Electric cassava grater

Cassava is a major source of carbohydrates in human diet, being processed into Garri, fatal and typical as a constituent for human food. Recent years other areas of uses of cassava are being implored. It is also being used as starch. The crop tolerance makes it more popular and now replacing yam in some part of Nigeria. The sweet varieties could be boiled for human consumption.

DOING cassava grater widely used for cassava processing, can be used for cassava starch, cassava flour and garri processing plant, most of our customer tend to buy the electric cassava grater for their garri processing business. Compared with the diesel engine, the electric cassava grater low noise and low cost, is a good choice for your cassava processing. For another, Doing Company electric cassava grater can grating the cassava into mash fastly, at the same time, separating liquid and residue, convenient and high efficiency, cassava processing fastly and better effect than mannual.

electric cassava grater

DOING electric cassava grater

Garri production is popular in Nigeria. And garri production mainly includes cassava cleaning and washing, cassava peeling, cassava grating, cassava mush fermentation, dewatering, frying and garri sieving. From the whole process of garri production, cassava grating is a very key part in the whole process. Design of a Cassava grater which has two modes of operation was made. It can be powered either electrically or manually. However, with the development of technology, electric cassava grater is more and more applied in the production of garri.

Traditional tools used in Garri processing includes: Millstone, grinding stone, pestle and mortar. In these methods have low productivities and low hygienic solution to these problems that led to the designing and construction of machines that can grate the cassava of high quality in a short period of time and reduce human drudgery. So electric cassava grater and diesel grater will be invented to meet human demands. Electric cassava grater can grate cassava with high efficiency and has a higher extraction rate compared to the traditional ones. Meanwhile, in some places in Nigeria, the problems of electricity can not be solved. Then diesel cassava grater will be applied.

cassava grater machine

Cassava grater working process

Features of DOING electric cassava grater:

1. Smashing high efficiency, short processing time,without destroying the starch molecules , particles is cracking.

2. Advanced cassava grater equipment design and manufacturing?,increased processing speed and reduce the waste of the processing.

3. The new model cassava grater run more smoothly,high efficiency and low consumption.

4. The new model cassava grater also can be used for processing cassava, potato or yam .

The electric cassava grater machine is suitable for making garri, also can used to making cassava flour. The cassava grater can crush cassava into mush in a short time, so it can save much labour, time and energy. It is one of most popular cassava processing machines made by Doing company.

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