Cassava grinder machine for cassava flour processing line


Jun 19, 2019

Cassava grinder machine for cassava flour processing line

Introduction of cassava grinder machine

Cassava grinder machine is mainly used for fresh roots grinding,such as fresh cassva,sweet potato,potato,lotus root ,yam etc.after grinding ,the cassava paste can be used for fufu making, Attiéké making etc. you can put cassava into cassava grinder machine after cleaning ,the cassava grinder will grind it into fine paste.The cassava grinder with small and large capacity which can be used in home and cassava processing factory. About the power of cassava grinder machine ,it can be driven by electric motor and gasoline.that’s can be choiced according to your needs. Except for cassava flour processing, this grinder machine alsi plays an important role in the garri production plant.

cassava grinder machine for cassava flour processing machineCassava grinder machine

Features of cassava grinder machine

1.The cassava grinder machine is multifunctional,which can be used for cassava,yam,yuca,sweet potato,potato crushing.

2.Smashing high efficiency, short processing time,without destroying the cassava paste molecules particles is cracking.

3.Advanced equipment design and manufacturing, the flu absorption of the experience of cassava industry ,increased speed reduce the waste of the processing.

4.The cassva grinding machine with compact structure and small footprint.

cassava grinder machine for cassava flour/garri processing lineCassava grinder machine

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