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Cassava chips processing machines

Cassava chips processing machines

Because the strage of fresh cassava time is very short, so to preserve the root, farmers use cassava chips processing machine to produce cassava roots into cassava chips. After drying and deep procession by cassava chips processing machine, dry cassava chips would be possible to keep cassava for long time storage, without causing damage to its nutrition.


Cassava and cassava chips

Introduction of cassava chips processing machine and its main parts:

1. Cassava washing and peeling part: The washing way adopt the dry method, we do not need any water for better storage. The cassava tubers are thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and sand that may adhere to them.With the rotation of the basket, the skin of the cassava surface will be removed.

cassava chips processing machine

Cassava washing and peeling part of cassava chips processing machine

2.Cassava peeling part: After cassava washing and peeling part, then the cassava tuber will be chipped by cassava chips processing machine.The washed tubers are carted to the chipping machines where they are chipped into small chips of about 1-2 centimetre thickness and 6-7 cm long. The sizes at times depend on the prescription of the order.

cassava chips processing machine

Of course, the thickness of cassava chips can be changed according to client demand for cassava chips processing machine.With the developing of economy and technology, people are prepare to use the normal automatical electric cassava chips processing machine instead of adopting the old way.

cassava chips processing machine

Here, there is a form to show the difference of handle capacity between automatical cassava chips processing machine and the old way to chip cassava.


Cassava chips machine

Manually method




Waster rate(%)



From the above form, the automatical  cassava chips processing machine have the high handle capacity and low waster rate.You know, in Nigeria and other countries, the labour cost is far more expend than cassava chips processing machine.we are the leading manufacturer of cassava chips processing machines and cassava processing machine.you can contact us for more information of cassava chips processing machine.

cassava chips processing machines

Cassava chips processing machines

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