Cassava flour making machine



Cassava flour making machine

Cassava flour making machine processing used for process high quality cassava flour mainly includes:

Hopper -- Vibrating unloading machine -- Belt conveyor -- Dry sieve -- Paddle washer  -- Belt conveyor -- Rasper -- Bucket elevator -- Plate frame filter press -- Flash drying machine -- Screw conveyer --  Sieving Machine -- Automatic packing machine

cassava flour processing line machineMain cassava flour making machine

Belt conveyor,  Dry sieve and Paddle washer: These there cassava flour making machine are used for clean cassava, for unprocessed cassava normally attachs many impurities. Dry sieve goes into dry sieve through belt conveyor, a vibrating unloading device can be installed in the bottom of hopper to facilate cassava uploading. Then cassava goes into paddle washer, where water will goes in from its reverse direction to faciliate washing. Their moving speed is designed resonable based on DOING negineers's 30 years of experience, its clean effect is good while cassava breaking rate is low.

Cassava peeler: Peel with clean stainless steel knives and remove woody tips. Ensure that the rind is completely removed to ensure low fiber and white color of the finished product. Mechanical peelers are available in medium to large scale processing. By the way, if you adopt the newest rasper for cassava crushing, because of its good crushing effect, the peeling machine is not essential.

cassava peeler machineDOING cassava peeling machine

Crushing: Grate roots properly in clean stainless steel grater to obtain uniformly smooth mash. The grated mash must be uniformly smooth without lumps. In case of non-uniform mash, grate again until smooth mash is obtained. The smoothness of the mash determines thequality, yield and market value of the finished cassava flour.

Press dewatering: The mash is loaded into sacks and pressed to remove as much moisture aspossible. Pressing is completed when water is no longer dripping from the sacks. Complete dewatering facilitates drying. Pressing should be done immediately after grating to avoidthe onset of fermentation. The pressing time depends on the efficiency of the press andmoisture content of the mash.

cassava flour making machineCassava flour packing and storing

Drying: Here the wet flour is dried in the tube of flash dryer. Mixing with clean hot air flow, its heat exchange rate is so high that is can be dried in just two seconds.

Milling: Milling is done to obtain fine textured flour using hammer mill or disc attrition mill.

Packaging: Using clean bags or sacks to packed dried cassava flour timely, seal it manually or by a machine. Thus can effectively protect dry cassava flour absord moisture and improve its storage time.

cassava flour processing equipment manufacturerDOING cassava flour making machine packing and delievry

Storing: Store cassava flour in a cool, dry, warehouse with good ventilated. In this way, the cassava flour can be stored for at least eight months.

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